The Family Management Bundle is perfect for anyone who manages a family or would benefit from a "reference" bible of all things related to running your home. (Note: there is also a family management bundle available in a neutral grey and orange colors)


This bundle is over 40 pages and includes: 

  • Opening and Closing Duties templates for each member of the family
  • Cleaning Kit guide with information on how to use products and safety info
  • Monthly Cleaning & Maintenance schedule template
  • Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance schedule template
  • Restock Day template
  • Groceries Checklist
  • Supplies Checklist
  • Shopping List
  • 6 weeks of Dinner Menu templates
  • Maintenance Page x2: List the information for your HVAC, plumber, yard services company etc. so you don't have to go googling every time something needs attention in your home
  • Financial Info page: Do you know where to look for your bank info, 401k, and stock portfolio? What service did you use for taxes last year? Keep your info on this page. 
  • Medical Info page: When is the last time you had a checkup and with who? What's the name of the opthomologist your kid saw last year? Yeah that's what I thought. Let's write all that here. 
  • Pets info: For listing vaccine info, Vet info, pet sitters or medication brands. 
  • Babysitters: For parents to list their roster of babysitters
  • Babysitter info: a template for all the information your sitter needs to know
  • Birthdays: keep track of those important dates!
  • Holiday gifts checklist: make sure you don't miss anyone this year. 
  • Holiday tasks: are you the magic maker in your home? Keep track of what needs to be done this upcoming holiday season from cards to lights. 
  • Packing list: Never forget your phone charger again with a packing list. 
  • BONUS: for families with children: kids care tasks templates included (5 extra pages)

Family Management Bundle Floral (digital downloads)

  • There are so many ingrained messages we all carry when it comes to care tasks. There are also various mental and emotional issues that contribute to feeling paralyzed, overwhelmed, and stuck. It's important that any systems or routines we attempt are built upon a foundation of moral neutrality, functional priority, and radical self-compassion. If this is the first thing you have bought from Struggle Care, I highly suggest you hold off jumping into setting up systems until you read my book "How to Keep House While Drowning" (on amazon) and work through my workbook "Treading Water" (on the struggle care shop) which will help you lay that foundation.


    This bundle is intended to help you develop gentle routines that help you show kindness to yourself. If any routine or template doesn't work with your brain or your life--throw it out! You don't need to "get your life together," you just need some new and creative ways to show yourself kindness.