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This site is for those who struggle to complete care tasks. There are lots of reasons why care tasks may be difficult for a person: mental health, chronic illness, neuro-divergence, problems with executive functioning, seasons of life such as grief, postpartum, or small children, lack of family supports, being the caretaker of an ill or special needs child, trauma, or lack of childhood modeling. Perhaps most paralyzing is the shame felt with when one is unable to complete care tasks. Internal messages of laziness and failure compound the feelings of overwhelm and make care tasks seem even more insurmountable. Struggle care is about learning how to accomplish care tasks when you have functional barriers.

Start by reading through the pages below to get an overview of information. Then head over the video library to see short videos covering everything from how to deal with shame to how to use a dishwasher. The goal is to engage in gentle skill building while learning to cultivate a compassionate inner voice. Need help with something and don't see a video? Fill out a contact form and request one. Not everybody had mamas to raise them--there is nothing too small to ask. Be sure to follow on Tiktok so you can see new videos as soon as they are posted. Welcome Home. 

Sink Full of Dishes

What is a Care Task?

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The 6 Pillars of Struggle Care

Recycling Bottles

A Note on Sustainability & Environmentalism

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Women & Care Tasks

Green Measuring Spoons

Spoon Theory

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Child and Therapist

A Note on the Importance of Professional Care

Struggle care is about learning how to tackle care tasks when you have functional barriers. It isn't meant to be a replacement for therapy or medical care. Therapy, medications, or other professional interventions are necessary for many people to reach their functioning potential.  If you do not currently have a mental health or medical provider we encourage you to find one. There are low-cost options listed in the resources for those in the USA. Remember that you do not have to qualify for a diagnosis to deserve relief from your distress. Please seek a professional provider to guide you and meet your unique needs. Struggle Care will be here to help you between sessions.



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